10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From 2$ to 20$

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 10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From 2$ to 20$

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From 2$ to 20$
10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From 2$ to 20$

Friends, as you all know how fast technology is increasing day by day. Due to which today almost all our work is done by gadget. So in today’s video we have brought 10 such gadgets for you. Which can replace your big tools and give a new look to your creativity. And you can also buy some of these gadgets from Amazon.in. So to know, keep watching the video till the end without skipping, so that you do not miss any gadget. So friends, let’s start today’s post. 

No.1 Bitool 2.0 

Friends, this is a small multitool. The one who does your big works easily. You get 6 features in this tool. Now you don’t have to carry a big toolkit around with you guys. Because this small tool can easily do all your work. In this Bitool you get a Detachable flashlight which comes with hanging hook, And you get a Rachet driver in it, so that you can tighten and loosen the nuts and bolts. And the best part about it is that its body is fully magnetic. With which you can attach its bits and screws while working. And after opening it, you also get to see some bits inside it. Talking about its build quality, let us tell you that the complete toolkit is made of high quality material. Which is compact as well as durable. So how do you like this toolkit? 

No.2 Scribbler

 Friends, this is such a pen with which you can not only write something, but can also make something. This is a 3D printing pen which gives a new face to your creativity. Since childhood, we used to make designs on pages with pens, sometimes drawing and sometimes sketching. But just imagine how it would be if we get the same design in 3D. Well, meet Scribbler 3D printing pen. With the help of this pen, you can make any design shape or drawing in 3D. Now let’s talk about how this pen is used. Well for making any shape, or filling with this pen. All you have to do is plug in the scribbler in the first step and then press the feed button. Step 2 is to insert the plastic of your choice and fill both the slots, And friends, then in the last and third step, you have to press the forward button. Now your pen will start friends. Now you can draw whatever you want in simply 3D, guys. Any toy or any design or you have to fill any empty space, then it is best for everyone. 

No.3 shift red

 Friends, if we tell you that the post you are watching in the clip, That is not made by a professional videographer but shot with a drone, will you believe it? But friends, all these clips have been shot with Shift Red Drone only.
 This is a tiny Full HD drone, so you can shoot your own video like a professional. Its best feature is its size. which is absolutely perfect and smaller, Friends. Shift red as its name suggests, it shifts everywhere. Friends, you must have often seen drones in weddings or any event. As soon as they come to us, they also bring strong wind, and also make loud noises.
 People get alert as soon as the drone arrives because it makes a big and very frightening sound. But in this drone you will not get to see anything like that at all. You will have its small remote, which you can handle yourself. And friends, the size of Shift Red is small and at the same time it does not make any sound. With absolute peace, you can record videos indoors and outdoors wherever you want. It will neither disturb anyone nor will it hit anywhere due to being big. 

No.4 Yeelight monitor light bar pro

 If you are also a fan of PC games then this gadget is for you. Even though this gadget does not seem like anything special, But when you see its impact, then you will definitely find it special, friends. This is a monitor light bar, which can add charm to your PC. Well the world is smart. So this light will also be smart. By smart I mean you can change colours by connecting this light to the phone. This is designed for special game setup, friends. This light sub screen bar that supports both flat and curved screens. In this we also get 16M colors. Which give you the best game setup experience.

 No.5 Magno Grip.

 Friends, you must have seen wrist watches. But you will never see a tool wrist band. In the beginning of today’s video, we showed you a small toolkit, which is made for all your small tasks. But now we will show you another gadget related to the tool which is not for small tasks. Rather, it has been made for great works. So friends, meet Magno Grip. Magnets have been installed inside this band. Which sticks all your tools. Friends, if you have worked with hammer, machine and screw driver or else, you work in a garage, So you must be knowing that holding nuts, and screws is how much difficult. So keeping it all in mind, this Magno Grip has been made. After wearing this band, you can keep all your nail screws and nuts by sticking it. Which will never fall, Guys. So the next time you do mechanical work, definitely remember this band friends.

 No 6 Laptop Stand 

This is the world’s first foldable stand. Now you must be thinking that what is the stand of this thing. So friends, first of all you tell us how many hours do you sit in front of the laptop throughout the day. One or two or 5 to 6. Some people even sit in front of their laptop for 7-8 hours and keep working on it. In such a situation, you know who suffers the most, to your shoulders and neck. Yes friends, sitting in the same position for hours continuously puts a lot of stress on the neck and back. And it also invites many dangerous pain diseases. So now what to do? You don’t have to do anything. Because all this will make it stand friends. This stand may look small but when you unfold it, it becomes exactly the size of your laptop. Now you must be thinking that how can you work the stress on your neck with this stand. So let us tell you that with the help of this stand you can keep your laptop at the desired position. And you can change your position again and again. In such a situation, there will be no stress in one place in your body and neither will you have any kind of pain. Friends, you also get 5 in one USB C hub with this stand. So now you don’t even need a lot of wires.

 No.7 AKG Lyra Mic. 

Are you fond of singing? By the way, almost everyone is fond of singing, But the God has given the ability to go to only a few people. Out of which some people are able to use their skills and some people live in oblivion. Friends, we are saying all this because we have brought such a mic for you. Which Makes Professional Recording at Absolutely Cheap Price. This Mic records your voice, that with complete perfection. You can give identity to your voice with the help of this. This machine has 4 functions, First front means when you say something from the front or sing. Second back and front. This is made for duet guys. The third one is Wide i.e. it also records the surrounding sound. And 4th is stereo which records only special stereo music. It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is connect it to your PC or laptop. Or if you have a phone, then you can also connect it to your phone and make great audio recording. So now tell me, did you like this mic? No.8 water purifier Friends, this is a portable water purifier. All of you must have understood what its work is. When you go out somewhere, or go on an adventure, the thing you need the most is water. But it often happens that water runs out and clean water is not visible anywhere. In such a situation, we either have to find some shop, or we have to remain thirsty. But when you are in a forest area, there is neither a shop nor a source of water. Friends, portable water purifier has been made for this situation. Which makes any water full in minutes. You can completely clean the river or dirty water by putting it in it. And friends can make it drinkable.

 No.9 camera slider 

This is the camera slider. With the help of this camera slider, You can shoot absolutely high quality and professional videos. Friends, in this camera slider you can fit not only the camera but also the phone. And can shoot great videos. It has both horizontal and vertical shoots. You can set timer in it. After which it shoots the video itself. All the videos you are watching in this clip have been taken with the same camera slider. If you love to shoot videos, then there can be no better gadget for you than this.

 No.10 Revive knee plus 

This is Revive Knee Plus, a laser messenger. Yes guys, you heard right. It does massage but with the help of laser. Friends, nowadays everyone is troubled because of knees. Even though the pain is reduced by taking medicines, But we all know that how many side effects are those medicines. In such a situation, Revive Knee Plus is present in front of you, Which gives relief in a minute without any medicine. It does not cause any side effects and no pain. It gives you relief to the musculature from inside, By using this, your joint pain will never be a problem for you. 
So friends, these were today’s 10 gadgets. Hope you have liked at least one of these gadgets. If you liked this video then like it, Don’t forget to share with your friends. 
Thank you Reading the post till the end. See you with the next post.
 Till then good bye.

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