10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon Gadgets From $5

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10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon Gadgets From $5

 Friends, in today’s post, we have brought very best and cool gadgets, Which will make your daily life tasks a lot easier. And friends, you can also buy some of these gadgets from Amazon.in Well then keep watching the video till the end without skipping. So that you do not miss any gadget. Come on then let’s start the video. 

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon Gadgets From $5
10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon Gadgets From $5

No 1 incharge X 

Friends this is tiny universal ultra-fast USB cable. Which looks just like a tiny key ring. This charging cable has been called universal because it can easily charge every device. This cable has Lightning, Micro USB, and USB type ports. With which you can easily charge each of your devices. Friends, the most important thing in this is that It also turns a mobile phone into a power bank. That is, when you do not have a power bank and no electrical source. So you can connect this cable to any phone and transfer its charging as well. Now, what can be a bigger thing than this? Friends, this small charging cable can support 100 watts. Just keep this cable, then your laptop, mobile, and tablet will all be charged with this. Plus you can also transfer data from it. Friends, let’s talk about its quality So it is made for 100% durability, is made of aluminium alloy, And friends is also reinforced with branded copper wire. Corded with double-weaving nylon fiber, Which will not even be scratched by breaking or twisting Finally friends, talk about its price, then you will get it in Amazon for Rs 1300. Buying link is given in the description box. 

No-2 storm 2 slim

 Friends this is a cyber panz power bank. Which is portable. and the biggest thing is that it can supply up to 130 watts of power. Also friends its size is very small. Self true designing 130 Watt, PD fast charging, 25000 mah, airline safe capacity, USB C, USB A, With IPS LED screen and new finished aluminum alloy frame, With all these features, it will give you a great and Provides a new experience in the world of power banks. Friends, you can charge any device with this power bank. As one iPhone takes 18 watts, then with this you can charge 4 iPhones at a time. Makbook takes 45 watts, so the total can be charged 2 times, friends. Be it a iPad or a camera or a drone, this power bank can charge everyone. Talking about safety, friends, it is 100% safe. Poor Touch Protection, Short circuit protection, temperature protection all have been added to it. 

No. 3 tea.

 Guys Tea is not a tea but a headphone amplifier. Friends, this is an ultra slim high resolution headphone amplifier,which also connects to bluetooth. Now you must be thinking that why do we need this? Yes it is something to think about, friends. This is a headphone amplifier only. Why do we need it? But friends, let us tell you that, between listening to music from normal headphones And listening to music from this amplifier, there is a million times difference. You listen to music only with normal headphones. But with this you will be able to feel the music. It captures up to the last definition of music. And the music reaches your ears, can be guessed only after listening, friends. And you can also stick it on the back of your phone. Because it comes with magnetic power. Also it is ultra slim so you can keep it anywhere. In the pocket or on the back of the phone. 

No. 4 stylus tough TG.

 Friends, this is such a camera, which you have not seen anywhere before. Its built in farmula makes it stand out. It can also shoot up to 100 feet underwater. That too in HD. There are also 5 sensors in this camera, Which senses everything from your motions to weather, water temperature, compass, accelerator. It is so slim that it fits comfortably in your pocket. And when it comes to recording quality, it can record videos in 4K quality, friends. With a view of 204 degree. And it shoots sharp and definition videos even in the dark. Even if it is not under the sea. So isn’t it cool enough? 

No.5 lucus.

 Lucus is an ultra wide 4K monitor, Whose size is 14 inches. Friends, with the help of this monitor, You can convert your small screen into an enclosure. Especially when you are playing games on your phone. And the mobile screen becomes smaller. In such a situation, by displaying the screen on this monitor, You can get a much better experience, friends. Not only this, you can also do multi-tasking with the help of this monitor. You will get double screen simultaneously, your co-worker will also be able to work from your own system. You won’t even need 2 systems.Lucus can connect 4 devices simultaneously. It can support PC, Laptop, Mac, Phone and many more devices.

 No.6 Linkpro. 

Friends this is a portable working stand, Which provides you with protective and comfort, wherever you want. Friends, you work in office or work from home, Sitting in front of the laptop, you have a pain in your back.So it’s common to say We all ourselves know that this condition is due to our lack of proper sitting posture. Still can’t do anything. That’s why such a stand has been made. Which can do 11 things at once and it is also very easy to handle. It can be folded up to be small enough to fit in any of your bags. Then you can carry it wherever you want. Friends, there are 3 ideal positions set in this, which you can set according to your comfort. In terms of strength and stability, it can handle up to 15 kg of luggage. Friends, let’s talk about 11 works. So it has 11 port hubs for multiple USB cables. In which there are 2 pad charging cables. Which can charge your laptop and phone simultaneously. So that the tension of charging also ends. 

No.7 scribble. Are you also an artist guys?If you also love painting and colors, So hold down, because this gadget is no less than a dream for you. Yes friends, it would not be wrong to say so.Now every artist’s dream is going to come true. Every artist knows how to fill colors in this world. That’s why color is the most beautiful thing. Imagine if the art of an artist is not only filled with color painting but the whole world. So won’t this dream come true? Don’t understand? Never mind,now we explain to you guys. This is a pen which has a scanner attached to it, You can scan this pen in front of anything and make a ink of the same color by scanning it. Like if you take it in front of this leaf, So this pen goes green like that leaf, Then you move the cup in front of you, so it becomes the same color Think how many colors we see near us. How cool would it be if we could use all those colors in painting? Not only this, you can also mix those colors. And later you can also save it in your smartphone with the help of bluetooth. Friends, the color of your clothes, the natural flowers present outside, the soil, The sky and everything in the world in front can be of any color, this pen can run in that color. Now I think what can be a better gift for an artist than this. No.8 the keyboardio. This is a customizable ergonomic mechanical keyboard, which follows your instructions. Friends, this keyboard has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of our hands only and only. You can look at this model and think to yourself that you have never seen such designing before, Because friends, it has been prepared very thoughtfully for the first time. It looks like an aesthetic as if it is an old fashioned thing, but, This is completely modern. Light is also glows in this keyboard, as well as talking about its material, it is made of wood. You can design this keyboard as you like. You can change its patterns by connecting it. And not only this, friends, you can also set its buttons by taking them out. Friends, with this keyboard, your hands will not have to work even a bit.

 No. 9 La Marque. 

Friends, have you ever heard about brass, metal? In Hindi it is called Peetal and it is obvious that you must have heard about it. But friends, have you seen your pen and pencil made of brass? But now look at La Marque. La Marque offers a collection of brass pens. It is made in Italy and well designed. It is said that buy this pen once, then it becomes your companion forever. Friends, there is nothing special in this pen. But when you take it out to sign important documents in front of everyone. The impression that it gets in front of everyone, it remains an example in itself. You can feel it yourself by watching this video.This brass pen can now be considered as a lure, Which can only be used by aesthetic people. That means we all.

 No.10 alpha home care go. 

Friends, today even though we stay away from our loved ones in connection with work, But the concern and love for him never ended. And we all know that we are ready to do anything for them. The way the world is progressing today, it is also becoming dangerous in the same way. We afraid to send children out of the house. There is no desire to leave the old parents alone in the house. Don’t let any trouble come on you or your loved ones. The attention of this thing keeps going on in the mind of all of us all the time. And today the gadget has also been prepared for this, friends. Carego is a device that connects to your phone, Then you will be able to track the entire live location of whoever keeps it with you. To turn it on, you have to twist only once, after that the live location of that person reaches you. And friends, a button has also been given in it for emergency, which, Sends you instant messages with alarm voice, You can then reach out to them on the live location and provide immediate help. 

Friends, having this device, even if you are away from anyone, but you can feel close to it. 

So friends, these were the 10 gadgets of today. Now you talk to us, which of these did you like the best gadget? So that we can bring more similar gadgets for you. So like and share the video. Also don’t forget to subscribe the channel friends. Thank you for watching the video till the end. See you with the next video. Till then good bye. 

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