Does Technology Make Us More Alone? ( Ultimate ) Pros And Cons.

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The fact that technology has isolated us or connected us, has been a matter of great debate in recent times. Whether or not technology is the root cause of increasing feelings of loneliness among people, is still controversial. So let’s find out the pros and cons of Does technology make us more alone and try to arrive at some conclusion .

Does Technology Make Us More Alone?


Technology has impacted life on earth to such an extent that now it’s practically impossible to even think about our lives without it and the internet technology is the one that plays the key role in it.

What just started as a military project for remote data transfer in computers across the U.S.A and Its allies, now connects billions of people from all over the globe together.

How Technology Makes Us More Alone? (With Scientific Data)

Today, global connectivity is at it’s peak. The world was never as connected as it’s now. News about anything happening in any corner of the world reaches everywhere instantly. Friends and relatives living in far off places are just a few clicks away.

But everything isn’t fine with this revolution in information and communication technology.

Technology Isolates Us 

Technology has connected people who are 1000’s of kilometres away but has created invisible walls of separation within homes.

The real culprit here is social media and the online culture that developed through it. Social media platforms were made as a place where strangers or friends could connect with each other remotely, but with time they have developed into platforms that are only used for show-offs and propaganda.

Everyone seems to be so happy and successful on social media that it creates a feeling of inferiority among us. We see celebrities who are well built and beautiful, we see influencers using branded things.

Today, happiness and success is measured with how much you possess.

  • Not having the latest model I-phone doesn’t make anyone poor.
  • Not being slim or not having abs doesn’t make anyone ugly.
  • Being average in studies or games doesn’t mean we are losers.

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But Internet technology makes us believe all these lies, because that’s how the modern internet works….. For profit.

Influencers, Celebrities, brands all of them want to sell something by making us believe in their carefully fabricated lies.

All these apps like – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Youtube, etc earn money through ads. The longer you stay on these apps, greater the probability that you will click on one of those ads and buy anything.

So, they are designed to give you a constant dose of dopamine hormone which literally creates an addiction to these apps in your brain and you become more dependent on them.

All these may sound like a conspiracy theory but companies are intentionally making you lonelier through the internet, just so that you become dependent on them and fill their packets.

Technology Connects Us

Technology has done the massive work of interconnecting billions of people.

We are experiencing a great change, where people all over the world are breaking the barriers of language, culture, borders, and are coming forward for the formation of a global culture. All these were possible just because of recent technological development.

Nowadays, Korean music bands are loved in Europe and the U.S, Japanese Anime are widely popular all across the globe. Chinese and Italian food is being served on plates in distant corners of the world. Asians are trying to learn english and the people from the west are keen to explore more of the Asian culture. 

Such connections make our world colorful and our lives Interesting.

We remain connected with our old friends and distant relatives through social media. The covid pandemic proved how important digital connectivity is. When everything came to a standstill, Internet technology came forward as a savoir.

But many times we hear arguments like – Technology has made people isolated and lonely, which is totally a false statement because whether or not technology’s making you lonelier depends totally on the one using it.

There are billions of people using the internet but only some get addicted to it, why ? Because they try to find a way to escape from the problems and reality of their lives through the internet. Some find it in memes, some in movies and anime and some in adult films.

When we use the internet rationally then it is surely a revolutionary tool which gives us unimaginable connectivity and unlimited things to explore.


Recent developments in Internet and communication technology has made things really complicated. The advanced algorithm on which the internet works is designed to keep us glued to it, which in one way or other adversely affects our real world relationship and promotes loneliness.

Technological connectivity and globalisation has increased competition and the pressure to be successful is on it’s peak. Social media sets a wrong image of life in the minds of youngsters which is very far from reality.

Technology has done wonders but in the case of promotion of loneliness, technology is surely on the wrong side.

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