GBWhatsAPP Old Version Download APK

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GBWhatsApp Old Version Download: APK Latest Version 2023 v23.20 Anti-Ban Free. Download the GBWhatsApp Old Version Download APK with the Anti-ban feature, WhatsApp Auto Reply, Last seen hide, blue tick hide, animation sticker And Amazing feature etc.

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Latest) Download

GBWhatsApp Old Version Download APK MOD
GBWhatsApp Old Version Download APK

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GBWhatsApp Old Version Download APK Version (Anti-Ban)

Download GB WhatsApp Apk 

Download GBWhatsApp APK v22.20.1 Download

We utilise GB WhatsApp Old is a modded version, a third-party messaging service, to share chats, audio, video, and photographs just like we would with the original WhatsApp. If you want to utilise WhatsApp with more cutting-edge features and up the fun factor of your chats, what should you do? If so, GBWhatsApp might be a fantastic choice for you. On your device, you will need to GBWhatsApp Old Version Download and install the most recent version of GB WhatsApp Old Version for this.

A third-party developer created the modified version of the Official Whatsapp known as GB Whatsapp Old Version. You may receive a lot of Cool Features in the GB Whatsapp latest version, including Theme Changes, Story Download, Animated Stickers, Privacy Control, Dual Whatsapp, and many more. Therefore, download GB WhatsApp right away if you want to use these top features of WhatsApp GB (GBWhatsApp) Old Version on your smartphone. is of.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning how to download GB WhatsApp Old Version Anti-ban feature, on an Android device, I’ve detailed the entire procedure in this article. By using this method, you can download WhatsApp quickly. However, you must alter some phone settings in order to download GB WhatsApp 2022, which is bad from the phone’s security perspective.

GBWhatsApp Old Version Download Update 

App Name GBWhatsApp APK Version v22.21.1 Require 4.3 or above Android App Size 52.1 MB Last Update Today Rating 4.4/5 Latest GBWhatsapp September Download GB WhatsApp September 2022

GBWhatsApp APK 2022 Download (Latest) Download

Download GBWhatsApp Old APK v22.20.1 Download

Gb Whatsapp Old Version: What is it?

GB WhatsApp Old Version Apk Download: This is an advanced version of WhatsApp that gives you access to more features than WhatsApp, including the ability to download friends’ status updates and see their online statuses secretly. Because of this, this version of WhatsApp is more widely used and more people prefer it to WhatsApp’s Old Version.

  • One of Android’s top free mod messaging programmes is GBwhatsApp APK. Even though WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, you can access numerous fascinating features after installing it that are not available in the official WhatsApp.
  • You can upload status for longer than 30 seconds, transmit more than 60 photographs at once, and use many other capabilities not included in GB WhatsApp Lite in the GB WhatsApp version. Due to this app’s success, Yo WhatsApp, a new app, also emerged and quickly gained popularity.

Download GB WhatsApp Apk New Version Anti-Ban link

GBWhatsApp APK 2022 Download (Latest) Download

Download GBWhatsApp APK v22.20.1 Download

GBWhatsApp Old Version Download APK

Download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp Old Version APK: You can download the most recent version of GB WhatsApp Old Version by clicking on the link provided below to download the GB WhatsApp Anti-Ban Updated GB WhatsApp Download APK. Below is a link to download WhatsApp’s most recent version in GB.

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Latest)
Download GBWhatsApp Old Version APK v22.20

When you need to download an app for an Android device, you access the Play Store on your phone and choose the programme you want to download. However, you should be aware that GB Whatsapp is a Third Party App and is not available on the Play Store before downloading it. By clicking the download link provided above, you can quickly download the 2022 New Version of GB WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Old Version Download

GBWhatsApp Download APK v22.21.1

Download GB WhatsApp from Alexmods

GB Two WhatsApp developers, AlexModes and HeyModes, both publish different versions of the app for purchase. There are many advantages to both variations, but there are also some disadvantages. Let’s talk about these attributes:


This is the most widely used mod version, which provides its users with a number of features and a user-friendly interface. You can quickly download all versions of AlexMods for Whatsapp, including:

  • backup and restore option with a dark theme
  • permits status downloads and hides choices

A third-party GB WhatsApp client called HeyMods is available and has a tonne of high-tech features. You can download both the most recent version of GB WhatsApp and all previous versions of HeyMods. like- 

Custom themes are accessible for download, and animated stickers are readily available for privacy control and story chat backup.

Installing GB WhatsApp Apk

Android users are unable to simply install GB WhatsApp on their phones. To do this, take the subsequent actions. The GBWhatsApp app is constantly receiving upgrades. Therefore, let us inform you when the new version of WhatsApp Pro has been released if you are just using the older version of the GB WhatsApp App and want to get the new version for free. It’s quite simple to install the GB WhatsApp Update New Version 2022. You have been given a step-by-step explanation of the WhatsApp installation and download process below.

First, open your phone’s “Settings” menu and select “Security” before installing GB WhatsApp.

1. Here, you must turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
 2. Your phone will now have the “GB WhatsApp APK” downloaded, and the process of installing GB WhatsApp will begin. 
3. Open the app now and enter your phone number. 
4. Your phone number will be automatically verified using an “OTP (One Time Password)”.

GB Whatsapp Lite vs. GB Whatsapp Pro You may obtain advanced features from the older versions of WhatsApp in this new edition, which is regarded as one of the app’s best.

Thus, you can get the most recent version of Gb Whatsapp and install it on your phone in this manner.

GBWhatsApp Download Old Version

GB WhatsApp Pro version 17.0, GB WhatsApp APK versions 20.50.0, 20.40.1, and 20.30.0, and GB WhatsApp APK APK for WhatsApp is 20.10.0 GB in size. WhatsApp APK, 19.60 GB WhatsApp APK is 19.31 GB. WhatsApp APK 18.90 GB WhatsApp APK 18.80 GB 18.50 As a result, you are now aware of how to download the GB Whatsapp app and the GB WhatsappKaise Update Kare. You can update your outdated versions of GB WhatsApp, such as GB Whatsapp 2016, GB Whatsapp 2020, and GB Whatsapp 2021, to the current version in this way.

GB Whatsapp Update Instructions

You only have one choice if you want to utilise the most recent version of GB Whatsapp on your phone, and that is to download it anew each time a new version of GBWhatsApp Download becomes available online. must be installed. Due to the fact that this is a third-party application, Google Play Store’s notification feature is not available. To receive a notification when GB WhatsApp Latest Updated Version becomes available, keep checking our website. On our Hindi support website, you can also obtain the latest versions of FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

Features of GB WhatsApp

  • Make your own theme, then distribute it.
  • May include stickers. 
  • Modify the notification bar’s icon.
  • Can choose every chat at once. 
  • language is flexible. 
  • Can transfer 100 MB worth of audio files.
  • There are a lot of GIFs that are free.
  • Can conceal typing progress.
  • Can initiate pop-up alerts.

More Features About GB WhatsApp Old Version

  • After installing GB WhatsApp, you can turn off the last-seen feature. Additionally, you may view the front’s WhatsApp last seen. If you hide your last seen in the original WhatsApp, you are unable to see the last seen of other users. 
  • Applying a GB WhatsApp PIN will allow you to hide your WhatsApp conversations. This feature is not available in regular WhatsApp.
  • You can utilise this setting if you’re busy. While you are occupied, you can write your message there, and it will immediately be sent. You can also maintain your WhatsApp messages’ auto-reply settings. In order for his response to a message, you get from someone else to be sent to you automatically. 
  • WhatsApp Status Saver: With this feature, you can instantly store any user’s status update. You don’t need a third-party programme for this. This function is built-in. 
  • Different App Icon: In the most recent version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp GB apk download android), you can change the app icon and maintain it as you choose.

The benefits of GB WhatsApp Old Version apk

There are several advantages to using GB WhatsApp and its characteristics. The advantages of GB WhatsApp include: simple to use There are numerous available themes. offers extra privacy choices. The double tick can be hidden in WhatsApp by GB. easily accessible in numerous versions. can be readily modified. status of WhatsApp can be downloaded. messages on WhatsApp can be scheduled. Using the Anti Revoke tool, keep in mind that even if someone deletes a message for everyone else, it won’t be deleted for you. Two WhatsApp accounts can be opened at once in GB WhatsApp. It contains a privacy function called Hide Blue Tick that prevents the blue and double ticks from appearing on the message sender’s phone. Since no one can determine whether you are online, you can conceal your internet presence. Utilizing the Anti Revoke function easy to use There are lots of options for themes. provides additional privacy options. In WhatsApp, the double tick can be concealed by GB. widely accessible in a variety of forms. can easily be changed. WhatsApp’s status can be downloaded. On WhatsApp, messages can be planned. When using the Anti Revoke tool, keep in mind that a message will not be removed for you even if it is deleted for everyone else. In GB WhatsApp, two WhatsApp accounts can be opened at once. The message sender’s phone cannot see the blue or double ticks thanks to a privacy feature in the app called Hide Blue Tick. You can hide your online presence because nobody can tell if you’re online or not. making use of the Anti-Revoke feature

Negative Aspects of GB WhatsApp Old Version

It is a little hazardous to utilise GB WhatsApp because it has some drawbacks as well. The following are GB WhatsApp 2022’s drawbacks:

  • On Google Drive, backups of Chat are not possible.
  • GB Because WhatsApp is unofficial, there is a privacy and security risk
  • There is a chance of getting blocked by WhatsApp as a result of not having an official WhatsApp.

Therefore, employing it also has these drawbacks. It poses risks to both you and your device and compromises the security of your personal data.

Why won’t GBWhatsApp download?

Check your Internet connection: If your device’s Internet connection, specifically its speed, is not operating properly, you may have trouble downloading GB WhatsApp. To do this, uninstall GB WhatsApp and then install it again from the official website.

Verify the network connection. Your phone’s data connection may be impacted by a poor network, which will slow down the internet speed. You can resolve this by restarting your phone, which improves the likelihood that your network will be working properly. Now that WhatsApp has been downloaded and installed, open it. If your device still has download issues after taking these measures, contact customer service and explain the situation. You can be confident he will find a solution.

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Latest) Download


More functions are available in GB WhatsApp. It is now popular with the populace in this circumstance. It does, however, have significant drawbacks. So, if you want a WhatsApp that is totally feature-rich, this is the best choice. Download the newest version of WhatsApp from this page. So, friends, by following the provided step-by-step instructions about how to download GB WhatsApp, you can now enjoy these new features of GB WhatsApp and make using your WhatsApp much more enjoyable.

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