How to Hack GB WhatsApp by Android

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Hacking GBWhatsApp on an Android device is not recommended, as it can be a security risk, and illegal in many countries. However, if you do choose to proceed, here are the steps to do so:

How to Hack GB WhatsApp by Android

1. First, download the latest version of GBWhatsApp on your device.

2. Now, access the app settings and turn on the ‘unknown sources’ feature in order to install the GBWhatsApp APK.

3. Return to the download folder, and install the GBWhatsApp APK.

4. Create an account with your credentials in the GBWhatsApp app.

5. Open the GBWhatsApp app, and click on ‘Menu’ or the three vertical lines on the top left corner of the app.

6. Now, click on ‘WhatsApp Web’ and a QR code will be displayed.

7. Use a different device to scan the QR code displayed in the GBWhatsApp app.

8. After scanning the QR code, the victims WhatsApp account will be successfully hijacked and you will be able to see all the data.

Disclaimer: Hacking someone’s WhatsApp account is illegal and could result in criminal prosecution and/or significant fines. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to hack someone’s WhatsApp account.

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