Online and Distance Study in Australia

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Online and Distance Study in Australia: Online study is an excellent opportunity in present times for students throughout the world. Many Australian Universities offer degrees and programs online. Finding a Job in Australia After Graduation

Online and Distance Study in Australia
Online and Distance Study in Australia

Online and Distance Study in Australia

In Australia, many programs provide online study both for Australian and International students. In this article, we’ll talk about the online study in Australia.

Why Study Online?

Online study has many benefits, it offers better learning through videos, lectures. Live classes for learners of all types.  It offers the flexibility of classroom hours; one can study from any place, at any preferred time. A student from China or India can study online from home in China and would get the same degree as a regular Australian student may get personal. Recorded lectures mean flexibility in study hours so that student can plan their studies as per their choice.

Online study saves time, instead of traveling time to classes; one can spend its valuable extra time by working on assignments, working a job, spending time with family, or can pursue other interests.

One can make its destiny. Studying online means flexibility in timing hours. One can decide the number of classes per term and the duration needed to spend for completing a degree. Some online students study intensely to complete their degree in less time and join the workforce after graduation, while other students take full time taking a bit longer duration to finish a degree.

You are the maker of your destiny. Studying online means flexibility in the duration of the course.

Students have to decide the classes that need to be taken during each term, and how much duration they want to spend completing their degree course since some students prefer full-time jobs that lead to an extension of the duration of their course. While many students may study intensively, complete their degree in less duration, and enter the workforce soon after graduation.

Australia offers different online courses in social sciences, Business, Health, and Media. These courses are designed for vocational purposes that have job-oriented benefits. Some of these Online courses are

  • Aged care, Counseling, and Community
  • Education & Childcare
  • Events & Hospitality
  • Fitness, Health & Nutrition
  • Animal Health and Veterinary Care
  • Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • HR, Management & Communication
  • Travel, Tourism & Aviation
  • Training & Assessment

Benefit s of online courses through Online Courses Australia

On Completion of courses through Online Courses, Australia opens you to a wide range of study choices.  It offers fast-track learning for those who don’t want to be locked into courses for multiple years.

Online Education is being offered by different Universities in Australia. There are many Universities in Australia that offer online programs for local Australians and International Students. These e-colleges do not have a physical location but their online contents are accessed throughout the world.

Whichever school or program one chooses it will be offered in form of recorded or live online videos, online reading or printable assignments, online submission of assignments, and plenty of email communication between professors, classmates, and teaching assistants.

Most of the Online programs have internal discussion forums where students can speak with classmates and the exams would be project-based where students may be tested at local testing centers.

Many traditional Australian Universities are offering online courses, along with full-time degree programs. Common programs are available in subjects such as business, technology, education, and computer science. Arts, physical sciences, or lab-based courses cannot be carried out online.

Various Streams for Online Study Programs in Australia

Check Online Study Programs in Australia

Arts and Social Sciences

You can study online for arts and social science streams from Australian Universities. Major courses include communications, International relations, journalism, psychology, and public relations. A good choice of degree, as well as diploma certificates, are available about the subjects one wants to study.

Business and Management        

These study courses are quite popular in Online offerings by Universities among students. It is available at diploma, bachelor, and postgraduate levels. Programs may include accounting and finance, may even cover undefined topics like management and leadership.


Education degrees can be availed Online from Australian Universities. If one desires to become a teacher he can opt for a 4 year Bachelor of Education or 2 year Post graduation course. These programs include compulsory teacher training placements in Schools.

Health and Community

Australian Universities sustain online education in Health and community care field like Nursing, counseling community health, nutrition, and social work. Accredited courses may comply with intensive internships after courses in hospitals and community health centers.

STEM Disciplines

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics degrees are also available online in Australian Universities. After a Bachelors’s degree, one can opt for Postgraduate courses like environmental science, mathematics, and statistics. Engineering students with certain majors require to attend physical classes on Campuses too.

Let’s have a look at the best Universities in Australia that offer online programs.

University of South Australia

University of Australia offers over 70 fully online degree and certificate programs on a wide range of topics. With the experience of 25 years in online courses and degrees, this university offers one of the best courses in the world. While some of the courses are designed and made available only for Australian citizens therefore it would be necessary to check eligibility before pursuing any program.

 Online Degree Offered includes Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Degree, MBA, and Post Graduation diplomas.

Streams available: Business, Communication and Media, Construction, Health, IT, Social Services, Criminal Justice, Financial Planning, Arts, Engineering, Education and Nursing and Midwifery.

University of NewEngland

The University of New England, Australia is offering hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate diploma, and certificate programs online. This University is ranked one of the best online universities in Australia. Domestic as well as International students are greeted to visit and apply for complete degree courses online. The Australian University offers Online Degrees like Bachelor’s Degree,  Bachelor’s Degree with Honors, Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees,  Doctoral Degrees, etc.

Streams Available: Legal studies, Sciences, Accounting, Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Business and Management, Social Science, Music, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery.

University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is tied up with Ducere Global Busines School to offer online degrees in Business for part-time and full-time studies. This uses real-life solutions and experiences as project-based exams instead of exams to deliver projects for credit.

Degrees offered:  Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Swinburne University Online

Swinburne University Australia offers many degrees and certificate programs online for local Australian students and International Students.  Online support with tutors is offered to all students, and the programs are flexible and drafted for available study timings.

Online Courses Offered: Design, Business, Media and Communication, Education, Social Science, Psychology.

Online Degree Offered: Short Courses, VET diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Graduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees, MBA, and Post Graduate Certificates.

Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia has a compilation of 291 degrees offered online through 14 reputable Australian Universities. One can choose the desired program by browsing through websites and lectures and coursework will be exercised on the Open University Platform, however, the professors and classes will be available by Universities that one had chosen on Open University Platform and the diploma, the degree will also be earned from the chosen university.

Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degree with Honors, Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees, Doctorate Degrees.

Streams Available: All streams and subject degrees are offered.

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