Technology In The Classroom Essay

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Technology In The Classroom Essay

Technology has become an integral part of the classrooms . The form of education keeps changing and the better form of Technology keeps getting into the classrooms . Earlier , printed books and notebooks were the only things used in classrooms , even after computers became popular they were mostly being used in higher education only .

But after the internet boom and 4G – 5G technologies got popular , Technology became part of most of the classrooms . Digital projectors were installed , Laptops and tablets were provided , faster and secure internet connections were established and The coronavirus lockdowns changed the whole meaning of Technology in classrooms and all classes were being held online .

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• Use Of Technology In The Classroom –

  • There are many topics , which are better understood visually like :- Geometry or electric flux etc .
  • Brain has better power to remember images than words , So visual learning through smart classes is more effective.
  • All the student’s doubts can be cleared in classrooms only .
  • Students can know many things which are outside of the syllabus of their books .
  • They get to know some short tips and tricks which increase their speed in solving numericals or memorizing certain things .
  • Learning through animations clears student’s concepts .
  • Students can send their homeworks and assignments to their teachers online , which saves time in the classroom .
  • If some teacher has to complete their syllabus or has to teach something important then they can take Online classes after school gets over .
  • Technology helps students in their research work .

• The Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom –

Technology has many benefits in the classroom , It has given a new shape and a new meaning to it .

Now , the classrooms aren’t all about books and blackboards , it has changed and it has changed a lot . Digital study is the new normal . Earlier some students were fortunate to get good teachers but most of us weren’t .

All the students in class aren’t equal , some understand better than others and some don’t , Those who didn’t understood the topics in class used to score low , but now the things have changed , The ones who don’t understand topics in class can understand them online , with Animations , with tips and tricks , formula charts and pdfs and those who understood everything in class can now research for more advanced topics without waiting when there class or subject teacher will teach the topic .

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• Disadvantages Of Technology In The Classroom –

There are various Disadvantages of Technology in the classroom , Students don’t focus in the class . They know if they won’t complete the syllabus in the classroom , they can go to any online website and copy everything .

Technology has encouraged students to cheat and has made them incompetent . It is a basic human nature , if we get opportunity to do something easily with less effort then our mind chooses that path only . It’s not the children’s fault but Technology’s .

To complete any research papers or thesis or do basic assignments , students had to read books and gather information but now they just copy and paste .

• The Impact Of Technology In The Classroom –

Technology has changed how the classrooms work both in a good way and a bad way .

In a good way : Technology has reduced the pressure on both students and teachers . Teachers can take help of digital classrooms to teach the topics they aren’t specialized in and they can teach more effectively with all the resources available on the internet and students too can understand the topics and can clear their doubts more easily .

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In a bad way : Technology is slowly killing the real essence of Classrooms, the relationship between students and teachers is fading , access to all types of information has become so much easier that the importance of Classrooms is dying .

Conclusion –

Technology is going to be more and more important for classrooms in the coming future and the corona pandemic has shown us a glimpse of what it’s gonna look like . Students will attend classes from their homes , Hundreds of students can join the same class , teachers too would teach online . Millions of online educational resources would help students , Pdfs will take the place of notebooks , e-books in place of books and Technology would change the entire meaning of the word ‘ Classroom ‘  .

*** These are writer’s own thoughts ***

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