Does Technology Make Us More Alone

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It’s Sunday morning and children are playing in the park, the smell of fresh bread is mesmerizing you, Adults are talking and laughing, No one’s using phones and everyone is having a quality time.

No, It’s not a dream. It was the life before social media and 4G technology .

Conclusion Of Technology In Human Life

Technology has impacted almost every sphere of human life. Our lives aren’t the same as our ancestors and the next generations won’t have the same lives as us.

Advancements in technology have made life much easier, the world is connected like never before, Research and development is on it’s peak too but something is missing !

What is it ??

It’s peace, satisfaction and happiness. Anyone born a decade ago could remember the time before social media and the 4G revolution, when everything used to be slow and peaceful.

People ate without taking pictures of it, Children used to play in the grounds, everyone wasn’t busy with their mobile phones all the time, there were no new controversies everyday, When It wasn’t all about showing off, how much you have. It was a period of real happiness and joy.

Everything was not perfect in that time period too, Development was slow, there were problems of poverty and discrimination but most of the people were more satisfied and happier than they are now.

Technology increased competition, it increased unemployment rates, People are becoming meaner than ever, Now it’s all about how rich and physically beautiful you are, and the real happiness is lost somewhere behind.

At this rate we won’t be human anymore, we would have turned into senseless robots who know nothing but greed and lust.

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Conclusion Of Technology In Education 

Education is one the few spheres of human life where technology has made more positive impacts than the negative ones.

Historically, education was more of oral and hereditary type where parents used to teach children about the works they did and the children to their children and so on. But after the print revolution, it was printed books that took the charge of education.

With time, Print technology advanced and the costs of books and education got cheaper making it accessible to more people.

Now, Education is seeing another revolution and it’s digital. Printed books are slowly transforming into digital media and this form of education is better than books because it emphasizes more on visual knowledge than the traditional textual knowledge.

With digital technology, students can learn with their own pace and it allows them to explore things that they could never find in books.

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There are challenges for digital technology in education too, like it makes students more prone to cheating, It allows them to do less labour.

But the advantages that the technology in education has, surely overshadows it’s disadvantages. Digital technology is indeed the future of education.

There’s been too much debate on the conclusion about technology, but now let’s end this ……..

What can we conclude from all these debates and discussion on Technology?

Technology Essay Conclusion Paragraph 

Technology is a double edged sword that must be wielded properly if we don’t want ourselves cut. The advantages that technology has are immense. All that knowledge, production capabilities, connectivity etc are results of technology but if we use it recklessly for short term gains then it surely will lead to our own destruction.

Conclusion Of Technology

Technology has been one of the best things that have ever happened to human civilization. Most of the things we see around us like: The health and educational services, Information and communication technology, Automobile – housing and even the present society in which we live in, all are the direct or indirect products of technology.

Technology is the one that took us to the heights of space and to the depths of  oceans. It helped us to understand our past and to build our future. It is the single biggest reason that human civilization became what it is today.

But many times we hear arguments like: Technology is destroying earth and its habitants, and it can be dangerous for very existence of the human race.

These arguments aren’t totally wrong! Technology indeed has many dangerous side effects. But technology itself is not the problem here. The real damage is done from overuse of technology by some people, industries and countries for their own selfish interests.

The solution to these problems is Sustainable development with mutual cooperation. If trust can be established between everyone and the use of technology is administered then It can take us to unimaginable heights.

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